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If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
Alistair Chisholm's Dorchester Ghost Walks
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Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
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Eric Frank Russell : Published Thursday 29th July 2010
Eric Frank Russell by Mark North. English Science Fiction writer and Forteanist Eric Frank Russell was born on 6th January 1905, Sandhurst, Surrey into a military family. He served with the RAF during World War II and worked briefly as an engineer before taking up writing full-time. Russell wrot...

Daisy Wheels : Published Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Daisy Wheels and a Ritual Landscapein Ric Kemp In the summer of 2009 I went for a walk across a 10 kilometres long prehistoric landscape feature called the Dorset Cursus, probably a ritual processional walk-way constructed earlier than Stonehenge, containing a solar alignment, or a n...

John Symonds Udal : Published Wednesday 20th March 2013
John Symonds Udal - A Dorset Folklorist by Mark North. To Dorset people of old, customs, superstitions and traditions were inextricably interwoven with nature, countryside and social history. This formula produced a wealth of folklore in this county and the first person to make an intense stud...

Christmas in Dorsetshire : Published Saturday 4th December 2010
  Christmas in Dorsetshire by John Symonds Udal Imbued with the utilitarian spirit of our time, one is apt to overlook those strong feelings of genuine pleasure and innocent merriment with which our ancestors were wont to greet Christmas as it came upon them in its annual round. For m...

Halloween : Published Tuesday 2nd October 2012
The Feast of the Dying SunThe Customs and Traditions of Halloween By Robert Newland Hallowe'en, otherwise known as All Hallows Eve, a time for fun and games, dressing up and ghost stories. Traditionally it was believed that malevolent spirits, witches and fairies were abroad on this night. (se...

Spectre Dogs : Published Wednesday 5th September 2012
Spectre Dogs by Robert Chambers. Neither Brand in his Popular Antiquities, nor Sir Walter Scott in his Witchcraft and Demonology, mentions spectre-dogs as a peculiar class of apparitions, yet they seem to occupy a distinct branch of English mythology. They are supposed to exist in one form or...

St. Georges Day : Published Monday 19th April 2010
St. George's Day By Robert Newland. St. George's Day - The 23rd April is the day when England celebrates its gallant Patron Saint, - Saint George.George was a forth century Christian soldier from the province of Cappadocia in Asia Minor. He is most famous for rescuing Princess Sabra from the c...

Lammas Tide : Published Thursday 29th July 2010
Lammas Tide & Harvest HomeThe Festival of the First Fruits by Robert Newland. The 1st August is the ancient festival of Lammas Tide, which traditionally is the start of the harvest calendar: - A time of giving thanks to mother nature for all her fruits and reaping what has been sown.The ...

Candlemas : Published Tuesday 2nd October 2012
Candlemas: The Festival of Light and Purification  By Robert Newland. The 2nd February has long been held in the Christian calendar as “The Feast Of Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary” otherwise known as Candelora or Candlemas. It derived from the ceremony which the Church of...

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