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If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
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Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
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The Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CD read by Jason SalkeyThe Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CD Read by Jason Salkey

The Recollections of Rifleman Harris Audio CD is abridged from an 1848 first edition of this famous historical memoir of a Rifleman Benjamin Randell Harris, from the 95th Rifles, in the Napoleonic Wars. This CD production by Explore Multimedia is read by Jason Salkey, who played the character of ‘Rifleman Harris’ in the Sharpe TV Series and provides a brilliant complement to his Harris diaries DVD series.  Sound FX are provided by The 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society. A musical score by Adam Wakeman adds to this excellent production.

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Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay: A Case Study in FolkloreShock! The Black Dog of Bungay: A Case Study in Folklore by Dr. David Waldron and Christopher Reeve

The tale of the Black Dog of Bungay and the infamous attack on the church of St. Marys in 1577, has inspired and fascinated residents and visitors to the town for centuries along with tales of Black Shuck the Ghostly Dog of Norfolk.

To this day, sightings of the Black Dog are common through the region and form an integral part of local folklore and myth. At the same time, the history of the legend itself tells its own tale of the town of Bungay and how the community has responded to crisis through local folklore and myth.

This book, a collaborative effort between local historian Christopher Reeve and historian and anthropologist Dr. David Waldron, traces the rise of this story from its origins in the trauma of the English Reformation to the contemporary era where it has become a central part of Bungay’s communal and civic identity and a colourful and intriguing aspect of local folklore.

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