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Dorset Ghost Walks

If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
Alistair Chisholm's Dorchester Ghost Walks
Weymouth Ghost Walks
Haunted Harbour Tours
Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
The Bridport Ghost Walk

The Little Green Dragon Hand Painted Gifts


We have gathered some website links for further investigation. These links go to Dark Dorset recommended sites for further investigation.

The Fortean Times

The Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena.

Paranormal Magazine

Paranormal is a 100 page monthly publication packed with features and in depth topics such as; Ghosts & Spirits, the afterlife, EVP, the unexplained, unsolved mysteries, UFO's, aliens, fortean phenomena, paranormal.

Bite Me Magazine

If you like vampires, werewolves, the supernatural and things that generally go bump in the night, Bite me is the magazine for you.

The Dorset Life

The Dorset Life, the county's magazine website featuring a selection of interesting articles which have appeared in the monthly magazine covering Dorset's local and natural history and even features Dorset Customs and Legends.

Merry Meet Magazine

Merry Meet Magazine began in 2000 as the newsletter of the Eastbourne Pagan Circle. Since the demise of that organization as a friendly, mutually supportive group in September 2004 the magazine has become an independent quarterly journal of Folklore and Paganism, available in many shops across the UK and with a rapidly expanding subscribership. Issues are published around the solstices and equinoxes.