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Dorset Ghost Walks

If you are looking for something different this year, then ghost tours can provide some great entertainment, especially if they're ghost tours after dark.
Alistair Chisholm's Dorchester Ghost Walks
Weymouth Ghost Walks
Haunted Harbour Tours
Granny Cousin's Ghost Walks of Old Poole Town
The Bridport Ghost Walk


We have gathered some website links for further investigation. These links go to Dark Dorset recommended sites for further investigation.

The Folklore Society

Look here for the folklore of traditional music, song, dance and drama, narrative, arts and crafts, customs and belief, popular religion, traditional and regional food, folk medicine, children's folklore, traditional sayings, proverbs and rhymes.

The Museum of British Folklore

Here you can find all you need to know about this exciting new project. By exploring this site you will be able to learn more about the museum, how it will be run and the displays you can expect to find. By reading the News & Journal you can follow progress reports of both the tour and the establishment of Britain's first centre solely devoted to the celebration of our continuing living folk culture.

Mysterious Britain

The Mysterious Britain Website is a guide to mysterious places, legends and folklore within the British Isles.

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council - Mysterious Dorset Page

Featuring the new Dorset Mysteries page compiled by Dark Dorset. The Weymouth and Portland Borough Council website has useful links for visitors to this resort including information about historic aspects to the town and the island.

Apotropaios - Folk Magic of Britain

An informative site about the history and superstitions that surround folk charms. Including page on Folk Magic in Dorset. An inventory of concealed finds from thecounty compiled by Jeremy Harte.

Calendar Customs

A guide to British Calendar Customs and Local traditions. This site aims to list the wide variety of traditional and unusual events that take place each year in the UK and to help visitors take part in them. Each event has its own page giving details of its timing and location, as well as a very brief history and notes on what to expect.


This website promotes the building, operating, and maintaining of carried 'Dancing' or 'Pageant' giants in the British Isles.

David James - The Storyteller

Dorset Storyteller, David James an experienced English Teacher, has combined both careers in order to focus on promoting the use of traditional storytelling in the classroom. Visit his interactive storytelling website.

APRA Books

APRA specialise in second hand books relating to Earth Mysteries, Fortean anomalies, Folklore, Occult, Psychic Phenomena, Witchcraft and Paganism. We also supply books concerning Alternative Religions, Archaeology & Egyptology and Freethought. 5 Frederick Avenue, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 1HP, England. Tel: (+44) 01159 874 615 Email: