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Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles

Location: The Ridgeway between Dorchester and Weymouth

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Goulds Hill Circle, near UpweyOn the morning of 3rd July 1978, a family from Swindon on holiday in Weymouth witnessed, along the Portland beach road, what appeared to be a spinning cigar-shaped object in the sky that pulsated in colours of yellow and orange. The object, which was travelling at great speed, remained in the sky for a length of three minutes before eventually disappearing into the mist.

The same day, reports of mysterious flying objects continued to be sighted. A Birmingham man witnessed a bright yellow egg-shaped object passing over Portland that night.

On the night of 15th August 1993, a lady witnessed a strange mysterious light fly close to her home near Dorchester.

Other witnesses included a Dorchester man who saw a bright orange light flit extremely fast from one cloud to another as he travelled along Verne Common Road, Portland.

Both sightings coincided at 9.20p.m. that night, but the next day brought an even more bizarre coincidence. In a field by the Ridgeway between Dorchester and Weymouth a crop circle formation was discovered measuring just over forty-two feet in diameter with a ring of three foot six inches or so wide. Separating the two was a ring of corn eight foot six inches wide. Both formations had flattened corn swirling in a clockwise direction.

The Bincombe landowner could not understand how anyone could have made the formation, which was only a hundred and nine yards from his home without alerting his dogs or without trampling the corn to gain entry to make the design. It is true the formation crossed two sets of tramlines, which could enable some one to walk along to make the formation, but it would have been an awful long detour to get to the site without making themselves known. A hoaxer would have had to be very quick as the night was very short and clear, and therefore he would have been seen from the road below.

Could it be possible the mysterious lights seen the previous night were responsible for the creation of this circle?

Footnote: If you want to find out more about UFOs sighted in Dorset, visit local ufologist and paranormal researcher David Kingston's website UNIVERSITY OF LIFE. The site contains a wealth of information covering all aspects of ufology, crop circles and other phenomena. David has also made available to BBC News South, amateur film footage of mysterious objects flying over Dorchester and over Bridport. BBC NEWS SOUTH