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Beast of Broadwindsor

Location: Lewesdon Hill

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Beast of BroadwindsorStalkers of the undergrowth

The following article of a big cat sighted near Lewesdon Hill, was reported in the Dorset Echo 14th September 1994

Beast of Broadwindsor sighted again

There has been a second report of a sighting of a large black cat resembling the fabled "beast of Bodmin" In the Broadwindsor area.

est Dorset estate agent and surveyor Frank Smith, who lives in the village, believes he saw it.

Said Mr Smith: "I saw the animal around 8.30 on a bright sunny morning near Bucks Head, south of Lewesdon Hill.

"I pulled off the road and watched it walking a line between fields of crops and grass. "It was black, about the size of an alsatian, and resembled a panther, with a small head and small upright ears.

It had a deep chest and a long tail which appeared to be tufted at the end and it loped along like a cat."

Mr Smith said several other villagers told him they had similar sightings.

He added: "Parts of Lewesdon Hill are steep and inaccessible. It would provide an ideal refuge for such an animal. These cats can cover vast areas. This particular one was not frightened of me. He could not see me but could probably smell me."

Below: Dorset Naturalist and Big Cat Investigator Jonathan McGowan gives a lecture about Mystery Big Cats in Britain at the Centre for Fortean Zoology's annual Weird Weekend conference held in Woolfardisworthy, North Devon on 14th August 2009. For more information about Jonathan's work visit his website at

Footnotes: As feature here the Dorset Echo, our county's daily newspaper, have some interesting articles and reports regarding folklore, strange phenomena, UFOs and Big Cat sightings within their archives. Click here THE DORSET ECHO to find out more! However, if you are interested about elusive big cats that prowl the Dorset countryside. Then visit Merrily Harpur website THE DORSET BIG CAT REGISTER.